Exam Pro

Offbeat has developed software for result generation of major courses offered by University in both Main & Semester exams with the following objectives-

Proposed Solution

Offbeat has developed an efficient team & a systematic & tested work process to genrate result in time. Highlights of the system are,

Our Value Proposition to University

Offbeat’s Value Proposition to University is based on its vast experience in providing support, development, maintenance and enhancement services to several of its clients across diverse functions & regions.

During the implementation of this Result Generation System, Offbeat would use its tested process in generating the agreed deliverables. Offbeat believes that it has the right business and technical experience backed-up by a high level of organizational stability. Our commitment to University lies in:

Offbeat not works for its clients rather it works with its clients. It undertakes assignments for its clients on a partnership mode and values long term association and relationships.

Our experience in result generation projects:

Features of Software

Software will deliver results of-

Input Data - University data operator will supply following input data to s/w-


Pricing Details

Call on +91 731 4066092 or email to sales@offbeatinfotech.com to schedule a free software demo and price details.