Bulk SMS

Offbeat offers bulk SMS services and SMS gateway integration for businesses, community groups and individuals. We provide various packages and numerous amenities to suit every class of business - big and small alike.

A client can use Bulk SMS Services in 2 different ways

Web Based Bulk SMS Application:

It offers extremely robust & technologically advanced web-based two-way Bulk SMS Services, empowering our clients to communicate with their target audience in a cost effective way instantly.

Bulk SMS APIs:

We are providing our API's to integrate in customers stand alone application.


Bulk SMS Pricing:

Just buy SMS Credits from us to start sending SMS immediately. We provide only premium and priority SMS Gateway with instant delivery.

Transactional SMS Price - with 6 Character Sender ID (Company Name)

Package Number of SMS Cost per SMS Cost ()
Transactional Plan (Economy) 1,00,000 0.25 25,000
Transactional Plan (Premium) 1,00,000 0.40 40,000

Promotional SMS Price

Package Number of SMS Cost per SMS Cost ()
Promotional Plan (Economy) 1,00,000 0.20 20,000
Promotional Plan (Premium) 1,00,000 0.40 40,000